Mid-Week Perspective: Mindset

young person touching a globe

The Mid-Week Perspective post is an “almost weekly” post that comments on the world and all that is in it. All opinions are my own.

This past weekend, our church wrapped up a fascinating series on how Biblical Christianity and Science are not at odds with one another. The series, entitled “All Creation Sings” can be found clicking here.

Like any good sermon series, this series motivated me to reflect on the topic we were studying. Why have I been so hesitant to study science as an adult, I wondered?

The answer is humbling to admit publicly: If I am honest with myself, it goes back to a bad grade (“needs improvement”) that I received in second-grade science. Couple this with an experience in Honors Biology, and Honors Chemistry, in High School, and my lack of success in these classes created a negative narrative around a subject that I find interesting. Like a scarlet letter, I have carried this false belief with me ever since.

Here is this week’s thought: Don’t allow a one-time negative experience define your many future experiences.

I used to do this with Science. But, in large part due to this four-week sermon series, that is no longer the case.

In fact, I am already reading a science book.

What is something, with a changed mindset, you can do?

The answer might change your 2020.

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