Closeup of young man pointing finger

Welcome to excuseville. Everyone is welcome, all you need is an excuse.

Welcome to all the washed-up former high school athletes. We agree that if it wasn’t for that one coach, or that terrible injury, you would have made the big leagues. We will be happy to keep sulking with you because that is what we do in excuseville.

Welcome to the disgruntled workers. We are sure that it is everyone else’s fault that your job lacks excitement. And don’t pay attention to those performance reviews, we agree they are bogus. Your boss is the real problem. They are the reason you have not climbed the ladder.

Welcome all members of Congress. You are our platinum members! Let’s keep pointing fingers and getting nothing done. Those are some of the founding tenets of excuseville!

Welcome to all those who are “too busy.” So are we! That’s why we sit on the couch and endlessly stream shows. With millions of hours of distraction, we cannot possibly run out of excuses for not reading books, going to the gym, or being a better parent.

Welcome to those who have actually tried to do something and failed. Don’t get back up, or “learn from your failure.” That takes a lot of energy. Join the crowd and make some excuses instead. You will find plenty of support when you do that!

And finally, welcome to all the business leaders, CEOs, owners of professional sports franchises, and, well, everyone in any kind of position of authority. Keep blaming the people you lead for YOUR crappy performance. Disregard any notion that it is your fault.

That, after all, is what excuseville is all about.