About Me and My Faith

Alex Hoffer

Christ Follower, Husband and Father, Chief Revenue Officer

When I started this blog in early 2018, I called it Bald in Business. It was a play on my own unadorned pate, as well as a way to describe my general approach to life—unembellished, uncovered, simple, bare.

I was going to be bald about everything, as a writer, speaker, brother in Christ and professional.

Most important, while it's easy to neatly compartmentalize faith life and work life in separate boxes, it can be messy and challenging when you let those two parts collide.

Let's embrace the challenge.

Walk alongside me as I not only share leadership and personal growth stories, but also examine how faith and career challenge and transform leadership.

Let's explore the radical idea that the unity of faith and business is not only possible, but powerful.

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