What I learned from Solitude Yesterday (Subscribers Post)

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In the cue of upcoming posts, I write about a few changes that I am making in 2020. One of the changes is adopting a “Rule of Life,” which I explain in more detail then. For now, think of it is a list of self-guidelines for your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities that you want to prioritize. It isn’t intended to be “legalistic,” but rather “instructive” as to how you spend your time.

In my “monthly” bucket, I have challenged myself to take one extended time (4 hours is the target) away from the office for the purpose of solitude. There are many reasons for solitude, but that is a different post. For now, here are some learnings from yesterday’s time in quiet thinking about life, business, family, and so much more.

(I captured all of this in my Full Focus Planner notebook. I am sharing everything but a business idea that I thought of).

Random tidbits:

What does winning at 100 look like?

This thought came to me about an hour in.

  1. Health
  2. A Happy Marriage
  3. Evidence I have lived for Jesus and not myself
  4. Evidence our kids follow Jesus

Then I put my pen down.

A thought struck that I wrote down next:

I am chasing a lot of the wrong stuff.

Earlier in my time I did an “insecurity check for 1/22/20.”

What do I feel insecure about?

  1. My blog and writing
  2. Leadership
  3. Contribution at work
  4. In general, what people think of me.
  5. My golf game (compared to my dad)
  6. Drawing (this I captured later when I tried drawing what was out my window. Gee, I sound like a weirdo – again, insecure! – I was motivated by the Planner’s space for “sketching”).

I stopped listing at this point because it was getting painful! =)

I am focusing on a Proverb for 2020 (“Trust in the Lord”) and will share more about that in the upcoming post “3 Small Pivots for 2020” that I am either posting 1/27 or 2/3). Given that context, this thought struck me about 90 minutes in….

Rest is a complete TRUST in God’s faithfulness.

It was at this point in solitude where I realized how unimportant I was to the work we do. Things keep running without me checking my email for a few hours, or doing anything productive – as the world defines “productive” (sorry Dad, thank God you don’t read these – LOL).

And this is FREEING on two levels. One, we have a great team! Two, it is not all up to me…

Later, another thought struck me as I sat quietly:

The longer in solitude I spend, the more intense joy returns like a long-lost friend.

Weirdo again.

Insecure again.

But, getting past the rush and noise is so…


I highly recommend it, which is why I am sharing this post to subscribers today. I am not posting anywhere else.

Don’t buy the lie that you don’t have the time.

You have the time.

Prioritize it. Even, if it is for just 30 minutes.

I will be at it again sometime in February.

(Postscript: By 11 a.m. I was at work, didn’t miss anything, and stayed there till 5:15 PM. With a “full” tank I was HIGHLY productive yesterday. I’m sure my Executive Coach would be shocked by that admission…(Sarcasm!))