3 “Pivots” for 2020

alex hoffer

Pivot (v): To turn. Synonyms are “depend, hinge, turn, swivel.”

This is not a post about resolutions.

Rather, it is a post about becoming the kind of person I want to become. I am sharing how I am pivoting to encourage you to do likewise. The reason for the pivot is simple: Starting with the end in mind —where I want to be by year’s end—I need to make some slight adjustments to my routine.

Remember, you have to be intentional to live life well.

Notice that these are pivots, or turns, from what I am already doing. For some, something more than a “pivot” might be necessary (like ending an unhealthy habits like smoking). To be clear, wholesale changes is an entirely different post from this one.

I share the below with a challenge: What changes do you need to make this year to end up where you want to be on December 31, 2020?

Here are mine:

My Theme for 2020: Ruthlessly eliminate hurry. I want to arrive at year’s end with a less-rushed spirit. While that sounds idealistic, I have discovered that hurrying is elevating my stress and anxiety levels. Further, I am NOT someone worth following when I am in a rush. In fact, I can be cold, disengaged, and even moody – just ask Sarah. So, my goal with what follows to eliminate hurry.

Pivot 1: Read slower.

I have averaged 30 plus books the last few years. So, I am setting out to read slower. Here is my reading plan – yes, I need a plan!

5 X 5 Plan (Max 25 books)

5 – History books (*I am focusing on Winston Churchill for at least 2 of these books).

5 – Leadership / Business books

5 – Faith based books

5 – 5 start previous reads (any category)

5 – 5 FUN reads. (Any category, focus is delight!).

Life is too short to read books just to read books. I have also discovered that I have a desire to read books so that I feel better about myself (I crave the “I accomplished” something feeling that finishing a book gives). In other words, I am insecure about my self-worth and knowledge. So, I am challenging myself to slow down this year.

Who am I trying to impress anyway?

Pivot 2: Spiritual Renewal pivot(s).

Okay, there are two here.

First, I am adopting the “Bible in One Year” app created by Nicky Gumbell (Alpha). I read the Bible 312 plus days in 2019, so this is a small pivot (312 to 365). I am doing it because I want more of God’s word in my life in a year of transition, political noise, and countless distractions.

Second, I am stealing an idea from a buddy (Thank You Alex Judd!) and focusing on one idea from the book of Proverbs as a “true north.” Given the change in my role at work, my theme will be:

“Trust in the Lord” (Proverbs 3:5-6). Each month I am also memorizing one Bible verse that reminds me to trust in the Lord (starting with Jeremiah 17:7-8).

This may sound like a lot, but for me it is not a huge change from last year.

Pivot 3: I have created a “Rule of Life” that I will review weekly (in addition to my goals / KRA / planner).

I already do a weekly review in my Full Focus Planner, but was inspired after Sarah sent me a blog post written by Val Marie Paper to create a Rule of Life. In the blog post she shares her creation of a “Rule of Life.” This is basically a one-page sheet breaking out activities that she wants to do DAILY, WEEKLY, QUARTERLY, and YEARLY. You can see an example of hers, or I will send subscribers to BIB mine as a document to work off of (just send me an email). The goal is not to copy Val’s or mine, but to be intentional about your own life, and the kind of person you are becoming. (Note: Author and Pastor Peter Scazzero originally came up with the “Rule of Life.” His book, The Emotionally Healthy Leader, was the most challenging book I read in 2019).

Notice that all three of these pivots aim to help me slow down and spend more time doing things that matter long term.

The question is what pivots do you need to make in order to get you on track to becoming the type of person you want to become by year’s end?