Wednesdays In The Cloud

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Every Wednesday this October, I am sharing one thought or idea from Dr. Henry Cloud. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Dr. Cloud’s books, teaching, and guidance from afar. This content comes from the EntreLeadership Podcast. Not only do I listen to the EL podcast every Monday morning at the gym, I strongly believe you should as well. The content is simply can’t miss material!

Why you should no longer be afraid…

I have spent too much time fearing things that may never happen.

Can you relate?

In his interview with Alex Judd, Dr. Henry Cloud made what seemed like a passing comment about fear that stopped me in my tracks:

“The day you are no longer afraid because you know how to learn.”

This statement stopped me in my tracks because it changes the focus from fear to learning. This puts the onus on you, the leader, to learn.

And here is the secret in case you don’t notice it…

You can learn.

You can always learn.

What if the diagnosis is cancer?

Research the best medical help, get your mind right, and go to battle.

What if your top customer is pulling all their business?

Look at what drove them to that decision, adjust your game plan, target new markets, and aggressively grow your business.

What if your spouse tells you they’re unhappy?

Do some introspection. Value THEM more. Get some counseling. Above all, LEARN.


You and I don’t have to go through life afraid. That is if we put our best efforts into learning.

There are always skills to be gained.

Leaders – The people around us can get better. Let’s encourage, equip, and empower them this week. Everyone matters on our team.

But, let’s also remember that WE can get better as well.

Getting better starts with learning, and that’s the day when we no longer have anything to fear.

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