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#TheWeekly is an almost weekly review post that models weekly reflection. To be someone worth following, you need to reflect and learn. You also need to be thankful for what you have. #TheWeekly aims to do these things. My hope is that this post inspires you to reflect on YOUR week. Feel free to use the questions below to do so.

What did I do well this week? (I will always start here because I can list 90 things I felt I did wrong this week, and every week!). The book I began this week (The Ride of A Lifetime, by Robert Iger) makes the point that leaders need to have uncomfortable conversations regularly. While I am not going to go into details about the conversation I had, I am noting it as what I did well this week because it is not easy to do.

What did I learn this week? I’ve had one of those weeks where there is not enough hours in the day. Between planning for strategy meetings next week, upcoming travel, and various meetings, I have thrived only through the use of the Full Focus planner. Writing down what is most important keeps me headed in the direction that I intend to go.

What am I going to do with what I learned? Prior to writing this post, I spent 20 minutes planning next week out, and leaving some room to flex. Not only does this prepare me for next week, it also helps me “relax” more over the weekend. For, I know what I need to do when the clock strikes 4:50 a.m. Monday.

What is something positive I can share about the world? Apple TV + launches for $4.99 per month today. I don’t know if I am signing up today, but I eventually will. It snowed in Chicago yesterday, so golf season is over and “cuddling up with Sarah to watch T.V. season” is upon us. I’m also interested in Apple TV + because of this statement from Thursday’s Wall Street Journal: “The focus—combined with an aversion to over-the-top gratuitous sex, violence and language—has led some Hollywood creators to question if Apple TV+ will be as risqué as Netflix, FX or HBO, whose programs often embrace the underbelly of culture and society.” We shall see, but I am rooting for more family-friendly entertainment options.

What is a confession or embarrassing admission? I confess that I have had a lot of fear around our kids’ health after our good friends’ daughter was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. Their story is not about me, but it has brought to the surface some long-held deep fears. I also confess that their story has me more emotional than normal. I’m praying for a miracle daily.

What did I notice, or love, or find funny about Parenthood? The other night Ben (5) prayed the following at dinner: “And God…change Sadie’s attitude, amen.” Can’t you relate? “Dear God, please change so and so and not me!” It just doesn’t work that way…The other shareable Ben story is that Sarah brought home a “Chinese Food Take-Out” costume from the dollar store because Sadie was playing with it. When Ben got home from school Thursday he put it on and started walking around the house shouting “Chinese Take-OVER.” The importance of words!

What do I appreciate about Sarah? Last weekend we were without power in northern California at a wedding. This involved cold showers, a cold room, and walking around the hotel in the dark. Yet, Sarah’s attitude was incredible! No complaints, even when she had to do her hair without a hair dryer, and in the dark –a feet much easier for me! And of course, she looked sensational!

Anything to add to #Baldinbusiness subscribers? A note to northern #BIB subscribers. We cannot control the weather, so let’s not complain about it. I have seen this pop up at our office in the last twenty-four hours. On one-hand, it isn’t that big of a deal. But, don’t small complaints bread more? Let’s be thankful instead. All of California would LOVE snow right now because they need the moisture. So, let’s have some perspective this winter (and let’s visit all our friends down South!).