#TheoThursday – Getting into the Word

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Theological thoughts from a non-theologian.

Unashamedly, I believe everyone should read the Bible because everyone has an opinion about the Bible.

Sadly, many people – Christians in particular – do not understand the Bible.  Given that another New Year is around the corner, I’m using today’s post to share some resources and get you thinking about making the most life-changing resolution you could make for the coming year.  Here we go:

The Bible is 66 books in one.  It encompasses many literary genres (poetry, narrative, and letters to name a few).  Therefore, I recommend this book, or this book to understand the writing as it was intended.

Next, everyone should have a reading plan.  I invite you to download this app, and follow the Bible Savvy reading plan. It takes one through the Bible in 5 years.  (Yes, 5 years).  The pace is manageable, and allows one to dig deep into what they are reading.

Finally, I recommend using the “COMA” method of note-taking in order to “get something” out of your reading each day.

What’s “COMA?”

C–Context of the book you’re reading.  For starters, what kind of book is this (genre?).  When was it written?  Etc. Besides an NIV Study Bible introduction, I recommend the videos on the Bible Project to help you understand the context.

O–Observations of the passage you’re reading.  What’s the theme? What is striking? What other observations can you make?

M—Message of the passage you’re reading. What’s the main point?

A—Application for you.  What did you get out of it?  What are you going to do with it?

I invite you to spend 15 minutes every day reading the Bible.

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