One Action To Save Time and Lessen Stress

anxious woman gnawing on pencil

Here is something I am working on to save time and lessen stress: Rather than having a conversation with someone in my mind, I am working on having it with them directly and in person.

That’s it.

Maybe you can relate to my issue, which is the issue of stewing over potential conversations with others. There was one conversation last year that I stewed on for weeks. I had the conversation more times than I could count in my head. I even practiced getting worked up over the conversation. I sacrificed sleep to practice the conversation at odd hours of the night. Unfortunately, all this stewing did not help me resolve the issue, nor did it help when the conversation finally occurred.

I would have saved time, and stress, having the conversation earlier. Hence, this week I am spotlighting my lesson learned.

Besides saving time and lessening stress, having a conversation directly is the kind of thing that people worth following do. To be classified as a leader, one has to be moving from point A to point B. To this end, leaders are those that put into action what they know. If the action needed is a conversation, a conversation is what they have.

So, what about you? Is there a conversation you need to have right now?

Today’s post is shorter than normal on purpose. Why not take the time you normally would use to read the rest of the post and identify the conversation that you need to have?

Gather your thoughts, find your courage, and go. Be gentle, but direct. With love, or the desire to put another’s interest above your own, go and have the conversation you have been avoiding.

You will save time and lessen stress by doing so.