A Message of Encouragement

Earlier this year, I had an extremely difficult day. I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say it was the hardest work day in 2023. I definitely could’ve used some encouragement that day — and when I awoke the next day, this message was at the forefront of my mind. I’m sharing it with you now in the hopes that if you find yourself needing encouragement, these words can offer you some solace and hope: 

Don’t give up.

I know we have all heard that too many times before. But it still applies. 

  • Your heart may tempt you that your circumstances need to change. 
  • Your eyes may tempt you via social media that others have it better. 
  • Your brain may tempt you that you do not have what it takes. 
  • Your soul may tempt you that you need to give up. 

Welcome to life. 

  • Change yourself. This makes a bigger impact than changing your circumstances.   
  • Celebrate others’ highlight reels while also realizing everyone has moments they would rather not publish on social media. 
  • Believe better is possible. Reopen your brain for business! 
  • And remind yourself of who and what has gotten you to this point. 

Dancing on a Monday

As I write this, Monday is approaching — and I cannot wait. 

Bring it on, and let’s dance. 

I am not a good dancer, but we are dancing on Monday! 


Because we are alive. 

So, let’s act like it. 

My invitation is to embrace this message. 

Accept this challenge. 

You can dance too.