You can’t simulate real-life experience

man jumping in front of picturesque gorge

When I was playing competitive golf in high school, my dad would advise that I needed to get off the practice tee and play. While “practicing” had its place, his view was that playing was what mattered most.

You can’t simulate real-life experience.

I have thought about that lesson a lot so far this year. In a business sense, there are ample opportunities to “practice:” Books, seminars, conferences, podcasts, classes, etc. While I participate in many of these, and while I would never steer someone away from such activities; the fact remains that leadership happens when you actually lead other people.

This means you stop reading the book, and start walking the floor.

This means you turn the podcast off, and call a team member to talk (remember when we talked?).

This means you stop writing the blog, and pay attention to the sales person that just walked into your office (hello, Tammy).

You can’t simulate real-life experience.

Lead now.