Who Needs Encouragement?

you got this written in chalk on blacktop

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you probably get tired of me whining about our collective need for encouragement. The fact remains that we all have an inner-critic that does not tire easily, especially when what we are attempting is not easy.

Avid reader of this blog, and friend, Mark, recently sent me this message:

“Your blog keeps me going and recharges me. Don’t ever stop, and please pass along my thanks to your wife for her assistance and guidance. It makes a true difference in my life and I usually read it with my wife as well.”

Encouragement like this is often the kryptonite for the inner-critic.

Thank you for the reminder, Mark!

My goal with the blog is to authentically, and often vulnerably, share leadership stories that empower and inspire others in their leadership. I also hope this blog furthers relationships with others, so that we can be there for each other, as Mark was for me today.

To that end, Mark’s encouragement reminded me that I need to be encouraging to others right now. So instead of spending any more time reading this blog, why don’t you—and I — write a heartfelt note to someone that comes to mind?

It just might mean the world to that person….