What Is Success?

WHAT is success?

If it is a list external accomplishments set by the collective “we,” will it be worth the toil?

If it is some desire in the soul, perhaps recognition or title, will it ever satisfy?

And if it is a set of uncontrollable circumstances, like a healthy family, it may be grasped but never fully attained.

For, we are never in control.

What IS success?

Is it the next breath?

Is it the next leap?

Is it the next conversation?

Does it have anything to do with the next?

Is it a person?

A moment?

An event?

Or, even an accomplishment?

What is SUCCESS?

Perhaps, it just is.

Perhaps, it is now.





Success is now.

It is not yesterday.

Nor, is it something in the future.

Success is the moment in front of you.

This road.

This moment.

These people.

Stop striving for somewhere else, and start living.

Welcome home.