Wednesdays In The Cloud

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Every Wednesday this October, I am sharing one thought or idea from Dr. Henry Cloud. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Dr. Cloud’s books, teaching, and guidance from afar. This content comes from the EntreLeadership Podcast. Not only do I listen to the EL podcast every Monday morning at the gym, I strongly believe you should as well. The content is simply can’t miss material!


Early in his interview with Alex Judd, Dr. Cloud has a different take on accountability. Rather than fixating on the fact that something wasn’t done, Dr. Cloud instructs leaders to ask why it wasn’t done in the first place?

If you are like me, you might dismiss this advice because it seems simple.

It isn’t.

Getting to the root cause often takes asking simple questions over and over. Asking why something was done might uncover a problem you did not know you even had.

My encouragement this week is to ask the questions the smart leaders won’t allow themselves to ask because they’re “too obvious,” or “too basic.”

The next time someone on your team does not get a task done in time, uncover what held them back from doing so.

Next Wednesday, I’ll share what Dr. Cloud thinks is the one question every team-member asks before following others.

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