Wednesdays In The Cloud

young child with future leader on black t-shirt

Every Wednesday this October, I am sharing one thought or idea from Dr. Henry Cloud. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Dr. Cloud’s books, teaching, and guidance from afar. This content comes from the EntreLeadership Podcast. Not only do I listen to the EL podcast every Monday morning at the gym, I strongly believe you should as well. The content is simply can’t miss material!

The Question

Every person asks a simple question before following others:

Am I safe?

Let that question sink in.

Is the environment you are creating safe for others?

Can they thrive in the environment?

Are peoples lives better?

This is the work of leadership because people matter.

Leaders, let’s do everything in our power to create safe environments this week.

Next week, WE will examine the importance of language…

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