Wednesdays In The Cloud

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Every Wednesday this October, I am sharing one thought or idea from Dr. Henry Cloud. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without Dr. Cloud’s books, teaching, and guidance from afar. This content comes from the EntreLeadership Podcast. Not only do I listen to the EL podcast every Monday morning at the gym, I strongly believe you should as well. The content is simply can’t miss material!

Hope vs. False Hope

The realist inside me cringes anytime someone chides me for “being negative” when reality threatens like a nasty thunderstorm. If the storm clouds are coming, shouldn’t we take shelter, I wonder?

In his interview with Alex Judd, Dr. Henry Cloud talks about false hope as being hope with nothing new, different, or improved. In other words, the next time a salesperson tells you that the project is going to kick-back-off, this time with better results, ask them the following questions:

What’s new?

What’s different?

What’s better?

For example:

What’s new?

-Our Trust-T-Lok fitment ultrasonically seals to a monolayer film.

What’s different about that?

-It allows us to produce a 100% recyclable pouch.

What’s better about that?

-A recyclable pouch allows brand owners to have a sustainable offering to their customers. While it is not the final answer, it is the next step towards more sustainable packaging.

There is something to hope in.

Ask these questions and differentiate false hope from real hope.

Next week, “Wednesdays in the Cloud” wraps up with a parting a word from Dr. Cloud about the day you are no longer afraid…

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