Walking Across the Office…

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A couple months ago I asked Bald in Business subscribers for summer post ideas. One subscriber, Roy, shared a story that stood out during this time of division.

The purchasing agent at Roy’s last company was someone “not well liked” by many in the office. Apparently, many people considered him a road block inside their corporate culture.

This did not dissuade Roy from getting to know him however. “I decided not to listen to the naysayers and set up monthly lunches with him.”

I once heard a Pastor challenge their congregation to be the kind of person that “walks across the room” in social settings – meaning seek out those that are standing alone.

Roy “walked across the office.”

Division runs rampant in our country. What if we were the kind of people that walked across the office and developed relationships anyway?

Aren’t those the kind of people worth following?

I will leave you with how Roy ended his email to me: “Our friendship endures into retirement.”

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