Waiting on the World to Change?

man holding globe

I have noticed an alarming trend in society, and even in our business, that can be summed up by what a recent retiree said to me in their exit interview: “It seems like a lot people are waiting for everyone else to do THEIR job.”

I can relate to this comment, and unfortunately at times in my life, I also have given into the temptation to voice all the problems I see in the world without putting in much effort into fixing them.

It is easier being the expert without absorbing the blows of leadership. For instance, it is easier pointing out all the things your favorite team’s general manager should be doing differently than actually being the one making the calls. Or, it is easier to point to all the things your local church should be doing differently, than serving and being part of that change.

And in the context of business, it is easier pointing out all the things the company should be doing differently rather than leading that change yourself.

Leaders always fix problems. They may get it wrong, they may screw things up even more, but they do SOMETHING.

Waiting on the world to change?

Change it then.

Otherwise, stop whining about it.