#TuesdayT – Thank a Vet

thank you card

I witnessed something beautiful Sunday at the Bears game.

The Bears chose Retired United States Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter (Medal of Honor Recipient) as their honorary captain, which meant that he walked with the other captains to midfield for the coin-flip. As Kyle left the field my friend elbowed me and said, “I flew cover for Kyle in Afghanistan.”

This revelation didn’t shock me. After all, my buddy is a man’s man, a Marine, and a hero. Obviously, I knew he served over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“An RPG just missed us,” he went on. “It is cool to see Kyle here.”

A few minutes later my buddy leaned over the railing and shouted to Kyle as he made his way to the tunnel. With an assist from our great seats, they were able to connect as only fellow Soldiers can connect. A few words were exchanged, and we both were able to shake Kyle’s hand.

And then Kyle’s dad, having overhead that my buddy flew cover, said something that I have been thinking about ever since…

“Thank You.”

Veterans Day might have been two days ago, but we would be wise to do likewise.

Thank you to all our Veterans.