#TuesdayT- Setting Goals

woman walking down center line of road

Most people fail to set goals because they don’t begin the goal-setting process early enough. Here is a way to avoid that:

1. Open up a blank note on your iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, a sheet of paper will do fine.

2. Think about themes: Faith, Marriage, Family, Work, Health. Begin scribbling down generic goals in those areas.

3. Create 10-15 of these total.

4. Don’t feel like you need to finish today, but don’t over think these either. You are brainstorming!

5. Revisit this list throughout the month of December. Give yourself time to think, revise, and commit.

6. When you’re ready, commit to your goals. But remember, they can always be revised in 2019. Like any Waze directions, a new route may become advisable along the journey.