#TuesdayT – Humility

woman reading book

Someone recently asked my opinion about how my local church conducts its weekend services.  I told this person that while I would prefer some changes be made, I take the vow I make every September – to submit to the leadership of the Trustees, Elders, and Staff -very seriously.  Therefore, my opinions are only that, opinions. So, as long as our Church leadership continues to teach God’s word, I can set my preferences aside, and fully submit to the leaders’ authority.

Here is today’s #TuesdayT:

One cannot be an effective leader unless they have areas in their life where they are submitting to the leadership of others. Submitting to the leadership of others is a necessary ingredient of leadership, because submission requires humility.  Humility is the ability to think about yourself less, and others more. It is the realization that others’ ideas, like the leaders at your local Church, or your Executive Team at work, may be better than your own.  Finally, it is the ability to submit even when you don’t think those ideas are.  Or perhaps, especially when you don’t think those ideas are.

This matters in leadership because often the best ideas are not your own.  Without humility, you will miss these, and lose your effectiveness.

So, let’s practice humility this week.

Let’s become the kind of person other people want to follow.

(A friendly reminder: Many of us will have the opportunity to practice this kind of humility as the election results roll in this evening. There is nothing humble about spewing venom on social media.  Nor, is anyone “converted” to your thinking via a social media rant. Post wisely, if at all).