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#TheWeekly is an almost weekly review post that models weekly reflection. To be someone worth following, you need to reflect and learn. You also need to be thankful for what you have. #TheWeekly aims to do these things. My hope is that this post inspires you to reflect on YOUR week. Feel free to use the questions below to do so.

I had just sat down at my desk after lunch yesterday when my phone rang. “Sarah,” was who was calling. “That’s my real boss,” I told Tammy. She laughed as she was leaving, and I took the call.

“Everything is fine, and we are alright,” began Sarah, “but Sadie and I were just in an accident –well, a hit and run.”

Time stood still.

A hit and run?

Everyone is okay?

I’m a guy, so my immediate reaction was a combination of anger, blame, and protection for the most precious pieces of cargo in the entire world.

But then, like a clearing of the clouds on a dark and dreary winter day, came the amazing light of thankfulness.

I know this might sound crazy to some, but I pray often for Sarah’s protection driving up and down Randall Road. It can, after all, be like the wild west.

God protected.


The damage? Who cares!

The life?

It doesn’t get better than life with Sarah.

In a strange way this event was a reminder that I married well, my daughter has me wrapped around her fingers, and that I need to buy a shotgun before she begins dating.

Okay, maybe the latter is just comedic relief.

Dear God: May the person that did the hit and run come to know the Lord, and come to find the only hope that does not disappoint in the end. We forgive them. No grudges. We have been given much, and can pay the price. But, help this person come to live in the light, and abide by the consequences of their actions. We pray for their safety, and that of others, that their driving becomes less erratic, and safer. If they are running from something, we pray that they eventually run home to Jesus. Amen.

90 minutes after this incident, I was sitting back after driving to the accident site to make sure Sarah was okay. She lectured me that I didn’t need to come, but I wasn’t going to start listening to her at this moment…

Life went on.

Praise the Lord, life went on!

I love you Sarah.

More than words can describe.

I love you.