#TheoThursday – Accountability

open bible

Earlier today I met my accountability partner at Starbucks, like we do every two weeks. As followers of Jesus, we aim to live according to Scripture. We both believe that Scripture is pretty clear that we are NOT saved by works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Still, out of love for Jesus, we want to live according to his word. Further, we know that our faith is dead without works (James 2:14).

So, what do we do in our accountability meeting?

For starters, we talk about our lives. We confess any problem areas. As men, we always talk about our sexual purity. This might sound surprising, but look at last year’s news. Leaders (both Christians and non-Christians) fall because of sexual impurity. So, we have given each other 100% permission to be all-up-in-each-other’s business. No question is off limits. And as Christians, any temptation to “fake it” is thrown out the window.

Call us crazy, but we believe God hears every word and sees every deed.

Of course, we also talk about our pride, our unhealthy desire for success, our idolatry of our kids’ health, our love of money (that we are often in denial over), and COUNTLESS other topics…

In short, we just get real with one another.

Why would anyone sign up for this?

Because the other person is sitting there not in judgment, but in love.

Mutually, we encourage each other. Pray for each other. Ask God’s forgiveness for what we have screwed up. We text each other during the week for encouragement. We check in on each other. We make sure that the other is cared for.

Look. Setting goals is great—but who’s asking if you’ve accomplished them? Recognizing your own areas for character development is helpful—but who’s able to tell you whether or not they actually see a change?

We all need help.

We all need community.

I challenge you to find an accountability partner in 2019.

I am a better leader, and man, because I have one.