The COVID Edge

man carrying leather briefcase

What I am about to say should be read with the knowledge that I believe every person reading this should consult with their doctor in regard to their own risk profile. We all have different health situations. With that being said…

COVID-19 should give leaders an edge.

It is the ultimate “us” vs. “them.”

Risk is always present. Driving to work, flying to Europe, investing in the new product line; all of this involves risk.

COVID-19 is also risky.

Some are paralyzed by this.

Others are thriving because they have an edge.

By edge, I mean a dogged determination and focus on doing the work they have committed to, and taking new ground. A perseverance that, come what may, they are continuing on.

For me it has involved not accepting excuses (either for myself or the team) and being present when being present has involved elevated risk. Maybe this led me to getting COVID-19 myself.

But, the cause was worth the risk for me.

Determine what the edge means for you. And by all means, start climbing the mountain in front of you – whatever that mountain is.

Many are stranded back at base camp waiting for the “all clear.”

I will let you in on a secret, an “all clear” is not coming. The weather app is calling for more stormy weather in the weeks and months ahead. No vaccine, politician, or policy is going to fix this mess. Besides, why wait for them anyway?

Leaders are held to a greater standard because they are responsible in times like these. There are perks that come with leadership, but now is the time when leaders pay the price of leadership. That means they mask up, put on all-weather boots, and trek out into the storm.

The worse the weather is, all the better, because it is GAME ON!

Before closing might I say, it is time for leaders to quit whining about Trump, Biden, and all the other things in their life they cannot control. People follow leaders because they do not spend time whining about uncontrollable variables in life.

Again, it bears repeating:

Whiners whine about all the things making their life hard.

Leaders busy themselves with getting up early, doing the work, and taking ground.

This isn’t to say it is easy to lead because it certainly is not.

It is just to say that leaders take ownership of their life rather than allowing outside forces to define them or their organizations.

Embrace the challenges in front of you. Get ticked off by them! Grind a little harder because of them!

This is the edge!

Let it fuel your leadership.

(Note: Feel inspired to lead? The next four Mondays I am going to be posting about some of the basics of leadership: accountability, vision, courage through conflict, and vulnerability. The upcoming posts will dive a little deeper into these topics and encourage you to become someone worth following.)