Thanksgiving – The Power of Relationships

thankful with fall ornamentation

Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday of the year. There is so much to be thankful for: The freedom to Worship. Sarah. The kids. Our health. God’s provision.  Healthy sibling relationships in the midst of leading a business. A dad who still kicks my butt in golf, and offers unsolicited (and solicited!) business advice.

The list could go on and on.

As I mention regularly, my favorite aspect of work are the relationships.  The list that follows are relationships that work has provided.

I’m thankful for:

My friend Patricia and her vision to “#makemeaningfully products that matter via the medium of plastic.”

For Tony’s boldness in hosting manufacturing podcasts and leading Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales from a Biblical view point.

For Rich’s generosity. If you are in plastics, you probably know the Rich I am referring to and are connected to him on LinkedIn!

For Luke’s generosity to our team investigating new technology.

For Craig’s encouragement, and advice at Pack Expo.

For the entire ProAmpac team: Millie, Ben, Alex, Dan, and the whole gang.

And then there is Sal. I love you buddy. I write these posts weeks in advance and will be sending you a text tomorrow (11/2) as you prepare for your big weekend.  I’m with you in spirit and will be praying for you tomorrow.

I’m thankful for the entire flexible packaging market.  People like Roger, Sonia, Wade, Rob W., Mark, Rob L., Rodney, Joey, Raul, Mercedes, and on and on I could go (I’m surely forgetting names).

I’m thankful for trailblazers like Dennis. I may not know him well, but I know for sure that we wouldn’t have the business we do in spouted pouches without his efforts.  Thank you!

I’m thankful for people like Matt. Not only does he inspire me, but I am also in love with his product!  I can’t see a YumButter pouch and not want to eat the whole thing!

And then there is my friend Brent, who used to be a customer, but now works at his family farm and moonlights as someone on our team.  Your work with our team is a joy to watch.

I’m thankful for DP.  We aren’t where we are in pouches without your help in getting the plane off the ground.  I’ll never forget that.

Finally, this brings me to John. I used to say that you were a customer that is more of a friend, now I just call you a friend.  That week in August was special, despite the way we played!  Our kids could not have had more fun with you, and your wife. For that, Sarah and I were tremendously blessed. Our home felt warmer with you guys there.

Last, but certainly not least, I am also thankful for every family member at Hoffer Plastics. I hesitate to mention any names because every name matters.

There is a part of us in every piece.

So, let’s all be thankful.