Not Another COVID-19 Post

covid 19 model

If you have opened this blog post up, I would encourage you to stop reading it. In fact, set aside the next 30 minutes, or 30 minutes sometime today, to just be still and silent.

Some of you are rolling your eyes, and that is fine.

But as leaders, we need to be still and quiet in order to collect our thoughts on what is happening.

We need to time to think and gain perspective.

This is true when things are flourishing, and even more so when things are not.

Some prompts to think about:

What does this experience make possible?

Who do I need to connect with?

How do I feel?

Am I angry, frustrated, or sad?

What am I (still) thankful for?

What support do I need?

What’s the next best thing I need to do?

30 minutes…