Lead Yourself First

man holding book next to leather briefcase

A buddy of mine recently told me about his experience at Marine Officer Candidate School. 

“The drill instructor would get on us if we tried to help other officer candidates carry their gear.  We had to lead ourselves first.”

What would change in your life if you led yourself first?

Would you spend your time differently?

What would you stop?

What would you start?

Let’s not misapply the lesson above.  Officer Candidate School is training.  In an actual battle, there may come a time where a leader has to carry the load for a time.

But, notice that this is momentary.

Nobody is effective carrying the load forever. As the clock turns toward the end of another year, now is a good time to reflect on everything you are carrying.

What needs to change for you?

If your pace is not sustainable, change course before it’s too late.

Lead yourself first.