Healthy Coping Mechanisms

man sheltering his head with a book while papers fall all around him

I sense that most people are experiencing some fatigue these days. This is uncharted territory that we are in. I mean, who would have thought Tom Brady would choose the Bucs?

The Bucs!

Ok, I meant the other thing.

I don’t want you to burn anymore brain calories reading this blog so I am going to list things I am doing to cope with this mess. I am sharing to spur on your imagination to consider what you can do to cope with this crisis.

  • Overarching theme: This is a season. I am viewing it as such. This means I am giving myself grace and extending as much grace as I can to others.
  • Overarching theme 2.0: Because this is a season, I am changing things rapidly to stay fresh. If something works today, but not tomorrow, change teams like Lebron James!
  • Overarching theme 3.0: Just kidding, enough.

Here we go…


  • I am exercising the same or more with more focus on flexibility and mobility.
  • I am measuring the amount of coffee I am drinking at home so I don’t drink 2.5 pots. A Venti or less per day in my aim.
  • Red wine with Sarah is just about mandatory. I am sorry Jenny Craig, but I am not measuring my wine. I will use common sense, however, and listen to my wife!
  • I recommend listing to your spouse all the time, not just during a pandemic.
  • I drink a minimum of two large Nalgene water bottles through the day – think I am type A?
  • I nap during business hours. Ok, this is only my dream world. But, naps on weekends are mandatory. Wait a minute, nothing is mandatory per my themes above.
  • I am journaling when I feel like it. My prompts are: What am I mad about, sad about, anxious about, glad about?
  • I am eating a small piece of the darkest chocolate available after dinner. Savor it! This advised somewhere in the book of Leviticus. Really!
  • I am limiting news.
  • I am not feeling guilty the days I do not limit the news.
  • Re-adjusting and limiting the next day. News fatigue makes me feel like I just shot 109 for 9 holes.
  • I am listening to music and sports radio in the car (as opposed to audio books and podcasts).
  • I am taking long bike rides when the weather allows.


  • I am slowing down my reading. Less is more.
  • I am going all Nancy Reagan on 95% of webinar invites (i.e. “just saying no.”)
  • I am immediately deleting any email with the phrases like, “do you have 10 minutes to spare” or “can you direct me to the appropriate person that can…” This usually leads to some journaling about one of the questions listed above.
  • I am writing notes of encouragement. You, the BIB reader, might get one. This has been awesome and life-giving.
  • I am identifying exactly what I need to do in my calendar (less is more again). Next step is hugely important…
  • I am leaving LARGE chunks of time open or unscheduled for whatever comes up regarding this crisis. Leaders must maintain margin right now.
  • I walk our production floor every day I am physically at the office. This is life-giving.
  • When someone comes to my mind work wise, I send them a note, text, or email.
  • I have asked customers and friends these simple questions, “How are you doing? What can I be praying for?” “How is your family doing? Is there anything I can help you with?”


  • I have carved out 5 minutes for silence and prayer prior to lunch each day.
  • I am continuing in my morning Bible reading, prayer, and prayer time with Sarah in the evenings.
  • I am driving home occasionally in silence.
  • I am using noise cancelling headphones a lot at when working at home (3 kids!).
  • I am talking with Sarah about our mutual schedules and expectations. We are communicating, not assuming.
  • I am watching every second of “The Last Dance.”
  • I am keeping T.V. habits to pre-pandemic levels.
  • I am keeping social media habits to pre-pandemic levels (iPhone users: Go to SETTINGS, SCREEN TIME, APP LIMITS, and you can set your limit on any app on your phone. My Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is set to 13 minutes per day. I know that is a random figure. I started at 20 minutes and have been working down. I don’t feel guilty with 13 minutes while 33 minutes makes me feel like I shot 109 for 9 holes again.
  • I intend to give myself more grace when I do play golf again…
  • I am also allowing myself to mourn, be sad, and feel emotions during this.
  • It is also okay to laugh when something is funny. You have my permission, not that you needed it.

I hope the lists above spurs ideas for healthy coping mechanisms.