Energetic Monday

alex with coach

Recently, I was venting about situations I am frustrated about on my Executive Coaching call. Coach John Felkins just sat there laughing because he could tell I was on a role. Then, like he always does, he brought me around by asking me the following question:

“Alex, can you change that person?”

Of course, I said “no.”

“Well, you spend a lot of energy on that.”

He was correct, I was spending a LOT of energy on that situation.

So, I will cut to the chase: What are you spending energy on that you should not be?

If you want to have an energetic Monday, or week, you cannot hand gift your best to things you cannot control. And to be someone worth following, you need energy –specifically positive energy–to thrive.

I invite you to join me. Let that situation you cannot change go. Let all the drama on T.V. go. Let go of the stop lights turning red, your favorite football team not having an offensive-line, and your five-year-old having a meltdown that would make a politician jealous –okay, maybe those are my examples, but you get the point.

Leaders, welcome to another week. Let’s lean into it, have fun with it, and spend our energy on the things we can impact.

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