Embrace Bald, Stay Bold

passion led us here on sidewalk

Growing up, I feared losing my hair.

Combine the constant advertisements about hair replacement with the internal self-doubts about my own appearance, and I was convinced that I would never be accepted.

As I have grown, I have come to realize that living “bald” is perhaps even more frightening than being “bald.” Living “bald” means being uncovered, barren, or exposed. It means being vulnerable, and bold, about who you are.

Like the first time shaving my head, this is scary. Will people accept me?

But boldly persisting, anyway, is what this blog is about.

Nothing is more important to my identify than my faith in Jesus. Thus, I cannot be bald in business without exploring that reality in my daily business walk. Still, and important to note, this blog will forever be a safe place of exploration.

It is simply a place for all people, and all faiths.

I learn from you, and I hope you can learn from me.

Together, I hope we develop the courage to embrace bald, and stay bold.

So, what’s to come?

Each Monday, I will post about leadership or personal growth.

Most Tuesdays will be the #TuesdayT: “challenging truths for life and leadership.”

And every Thursday will be #TheoThursday: “Theological thoughts about the workplace.”

In short, I intend to explore how my faith is changing, and hopefully improving, my personal leadership, all the while encouraging, and challenging, the reader to improve theirs.

Each post will be 300 words or less.

Your time is valuable, and life is better lived.

So, live it boldly.

Embrace bald, and stay bold.

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