Did WE get a bonus?

young people on park bench looking at river

“Did WE get a bonus,” asked Sarah as I walked into the door. It was the end of the year, the company had done well, and so her anticipation was appropriate.

“Yes, WE did,” I replied.

All of us play a “we” game.

Take me for example.

Without Sarah, I wouldn’t travel nearly as much. Without Sarah, I wouldn’t have the flexibility to stay late, or walk the floor on Saturday mornings. Without Sarah, I’d come to work needing affirmation, instead of finding it at home. Without Sarah, my blog would be much worse (and that may not have anything to do with work or the bonus, but it would surely impact you, the reader!).

The company wins because of the sacrifices Sarah makes.

Yes, WE got a bonus.

You have a support team behind you as well: family and friends who fortify you physically and emotionally in order to allow you to show up every day and give your all.

And your team members at work have a support system of people, too—people you may never meet—who indirectly benefit your company even though their names aren’t on the payroll.

Everyone brings their life with them to work.

As leaders we need to not only remember this, we have to remember to reward the sacrifices THEY make, too. Granted, a bonus is one way. But it surely is not the only way.

Let’s remember, and honor, the people behind the people we count on each day.

It is a “we” game.