Book Club Tuesday

Welcome to a new recurring #baldinbusiness feature called Book Club Tuesday. Each week I will spotlight one book, and have a little fun in the process.

Book: Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead

Author:Jim Mattis

Length: 320 pages / 12 hours and 1minute via Audible

Why I chose to read it: I read an exert of the book in the Wall Street Journal and felt like I HAD to read the rest of the book.

My Takeaways (3 or less): Hire people that take initiative. Do not talk poorly about your superiors. Build a coalition.

What does this book motivate me to DO? Simply TAKE ACTION!

Who should read this book? Anyone that considers themselves a leader. This is borderline “must read” material.

I would sum my rating of the book as…I often feel like I “should” read certain leadership books. This one morphed into I “get” to read this book. That’s a big difference for me. I put this in my “re-read” list because it motivated me to TAKE ACTION!

“If you haven’t read hundreds of books, learning from others who went before you, you are functionally illiterate. You can’t coach, and you can’t lead.” Jim Mattis