Bonus Post: Lessons from Last Week

alex and friend

I learned that you can’t practice enough, especially in preparation for a talk. Repetition is key.

I learned that it is better to be bold – be the real you – than to be someone else.

I learned that visiting customers in person is THE work of business development. The skill for the twenty-first century sales person is cutting through the noise and landing the face-to-face appointment.

I learned that relationships out pace products.

I learned that products can, and always should, be made better. Keep making them better…Keep making them better!

I witnessed that business pressure can physically bring people to their knees. I learned, therefore, that my role as a leader is to push to the limits of safety, but never past those limits.

I learned that anyone can do business with anyone. Business relationships can build bridges that political policy does not.

I learned that managing my energy, getting the appropriate amount of sleep – no matter the social pressure to “stay out” – has a multiplying effect on my performance, attitude, focus, and creativity. Sleep is both a powerful weapon and shield.

I learned that diet and exercise are never to be forgotten on the road. For it takes fuel, and drive, to take more ground.

I learned that some people blame, and others offer solutions. The pathfinder offers the latter, and ignores the former. Choose your future wisely.

I learned that life is abrupt. One minute you are here, the next you aren’t.

I learned that mourning hits you like an unexpected gut punch. But instead of pushing it aside, you should dance with the emotions it brings. Even if dancing means finding an airplane bathroom on the flight home from Europe.

I learned that the difference between the boomer generation and millennial generation may best be entitled “Flax and Kale.” (This is an inside-joke that only the team-members traveling with me last week will get. But, I do recommend the restaurant the next time you are in Spain).

I learned that not everyone understands the accountability I have in my life. But checking in with three people back home, sharing prayer requests, and giving an “account” of my daily behavior, keeps me on the narrow path. I’m incredibly grateful for those guys. As I know they’ll read this, thank you guys.

I learned that home is better than any other place on the planet. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, while also putting everything into perspective.

I learned that just about nothing is better than a hug from a two-year old girl after she gets the chocolate she was promised upon my return.