A Leadership Experiment

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Want to be a better leader?

Stop using navigation apps for the next 30 days, and ask for directions. Always ask, even when you think you are sure you know where you are going.

Listen to the advice you are given.

Discern the good advice from the bad advice.

Make a decision on the route you are going to take and begin proceeding to your destination.

If you get lost, and you will occasionally get lost, relax and think. It is okay to ask for more help. In fact, no bonus points are awarded for “doing it on your own.”

Keep going until you reach your destination. Once there, jot a note down about what you learned, and which roads you should avoid in the future.

And then, take some more notes.  What did you learn about yourself and your leadership?

I dare you to try this experiment.

You’ll become a better leader in the process.