3 Qualities Your Team Must Embrace in a Crisis

don't panic with face mask

Whatever we want to call this season we are in (COVID-19, Recession, or something else), the reality is that it is different from the one that roughly ended on March 13, 2020. The previous season can almost be characterized with one word: GROWTH. Words like innovation, technology, robotics, and sustainability, all became commonplace. In return, leaders needed to “embrace change for change’s sake,” be “nimble,” and always (ALWAYS!) be “hustling.” Even on the “side.”

Things change.

The season we are in now seems to be one of SURVIVAL. While Hoffer Plastics future is absolutely secure today, we will have to adapt and survive like everyone else to excel in the “new normal,” whatever that is. To be sure, all the things mentioned above (especially sustainability) will come back quickly, but right now is all about SURVIVING until they do.

With that in mind, here are 3 qualities that your team must embrace in a crisis:

Your team needs to show up. Before you say, “duh,” and move on, think about it. Who is showing up and who isn’t? Who can be counted on, and who cannot? Every leader I am talking to right now can decipher between those they that are sheltering in fear, and those they can count on. For example, our Director of Manufacturing has been in our facility every single day since this began. Feel free to have an opinion on whether injection molding is “essential,” the point here is that we have had to maintain normal production for customer demand and our Director of Manufacturing has not missed a beat. You need people like him on your team during a crisis.

Your team needs to stay calm. It would do our team no good if our Director of Manufacturing was showing up and freaking everyone out. So, in the same breath as above, every leader I know is gravitating to those on their team that are remaining calm. They help steady the organization in uncertain times.

Your team needs to be resolute. While you would not hire anyone that you know is not, a crisis reveals one’s resoluteness. Who can work through just about any difficulty, even personal difficulties, and do good work? Who attacks problems regardless of the time of day, or regardless of the size of the problem? Who is always dependable no matter what else is going on? All this becomes evident in times like these.

These qualities are admittedly basic to understand. But your team must do them to survive in a crisis.