New Year, Same Old Mechanic

Dear Reader, 

This past Sunday began another journey around the sun. Welcome aboard! 

The last few years have been…what, exactly? For some, they have gone well. Others have had an awful time. For most of us, it falls somewhere in between. But there’s one thing that everyone can do if we so choose:

Take a deep breath in…and let it out.

If we are still breathing oxygen, we are still alive. And life is a good thing. 

Peek Inside My Engine

If you’re like me, areas in your life may need repair. Good grief, don’t let the fact that I write a blog fool you — I have my fair share of work to do on myself. Put me on four-block cylinders, look inside my “engine,” and you’ll see all sorts of stuff: disappointments, sins, insecurities, and so much more. 

(In fact, now would be a good time to say a prayer for my wife, who usually gets to hear about these “issues.” Not only do I need a “tire” change on my quickly fading body, but most of what’s going on under-the-hood needs to be fixed up as well!)

Fixing Myself Didn’t Work

I spent the latter half of 2022 fixating on all the problems. But “revving” the engine a little harder and pushing my “car” close to the “E” on the fuel gauge did not produce the desired results.

Fixing myself simply didn’t work. 

Can you relate to me at this point, or am I on the island of my own creation? 

Thank you to those of you who nodded in support.

Spoiler alert: There’s no epiphany forthcoming. But I will say that I discovered I am a lousy mechanic. Not only do I know virtually nothing about cars, but I also know very little about how to fix the human condition of my soul. Thankfully, there are mechanics for both. 

Introducing My Mechanic

I can already feel some of you putting up resistance. “Here’s where he pivots to Jesus,” you probably think. Well, you got me. You can ignore the pivot, keep your “car” on the cylinders and take another trip around the sun on your bare tires. It just would not be very loving of me not to point out that you, actually everyone, has access to an excellent Mechanic.

I admit that we don’t often think of Jesus as a mechanic. He was actually a carpenter and was compared to a shepherd. The Bible did not say he was some tame, boring, religious guy. Rather, he was the kind of guy that had dirt underneath his fingernails, calloused hands, and most likely worn-out clothing. 

Like a mechanic. 

He is not so concerned about “your truth.” He is concerned about “the truth.” And most of all, he wants you to know that “the truth” is that He radically loves you. So much so that he wants to tune you up. 

Like a mechanic. 

Don’t Just Take My Word for It

Too many people speak for Jesus these days. Admittedly, I could be charged with this in the paragraph above. So don’t take my word on the matter. If your time is limited this month, stop reading my blog and read the Gospel of Mark. It is the shortest of the Gospels, only 16 chapters in length. Why not start this trip around the sun by examining whether or not what I say above is true? 

As I close, please remember that this post is as much for me as it is for you — after all, I’m the one whose “engine” was all messed up. Maybe you can’t relate to me. But I suspect many can and do. 

I need to slow down, drive the speed limit, and look outside the dash this year. It is simple yet profound. 

I invite you to do the same. 

I also invite you to remember that the worst thought about yourself, your worth, and your value can be taken to the Mechanic. I know because I take mine there daily.  

I can’t speak for Him — and too many people try to these days — but I think He made it clear that there will be a lot of trouble in this world. He just overcame and will continue to overcome all of that. Yet, the potholes, traffic delays, and accidents will persist for a while. 

This world is broken. 

It needs a mechanic. 

I have found mine. 

Have you?