The False Self Series, Part 3: Defensiveness

November 28, 2022

We can’t control what others say to us or about us. But we can control our response. Here’s why it’s important to lead from a place of openness rather than defensiveness.

The False Self Series, Part 2: Looking for Approval

November 21, 2022

It’s human nature to seek affirmation. But when we lead from a place of seeking affirmation, we risk leading from our false selves.

The False Self Series, Part 1: Strengths and Weaknesses

November 14, 2022

Strengths and Weaknesses Want to be the best leader you can be? First, you have to tackle your false self. Join me for this series, based on Pete Scazzero’s Healthy Leaders podcast, as we explore how to lead past our false selves.

23 Things Golf Taught Me About Life and Leadership

November 7, 2022

Forrest Gump may have believed that life is like a box of chocolates, but I think that life is like a game of golf. Here’s a quick list of the many things my favorite game has taught me about leadership and life.

The Biggest Battle Senior Leaders Face

October 31, 2022

COVID. A down-turned economy. Supply chain issues. There’s no shortage to the number of challenges facing senior leaders today, but none of the aforementioned difficulties is your biggest battle. Find out what is.

Work: What’s the Point?

October 24, 2022

With “the great resignation” and “quiet quitting” making headlines, I’ve been thinking lately about work. And oftentimes, I think we look to our work to fulfill something in us that it was never intended to do. Here’s how I define the purpose of work: contribute value.

Forget Balance. Aim for Rest

October 17, 2022

For many years, I aimed to find “balance” between work and my personal life — and fell short, feeling frustrated and exhausted. But a recent vacation prompted me to look at the question of “work/life balance” all over again and ask myself the question: Is “balance” the goal?

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation: Part II

October 9, 2022

In last week’s post, I shared the first lesson I learned on my summer vacation: I need to do less, but better. Today, I’m sharing the other major lesson I learned: which “task” is the most important one on my to-do list. (Hint: it’s probably not what you think!)

What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

October 3, 2022

My family and I recently spent some time out west, and it was amazing. Having the time to just sit and reflect felt rejuvenating. Here’s what I learned on my summer vacation about life, leadership, and how my time is best spent.

The Power of Asking Questions

September 26, 2022

Want a way to help your team reframe its mindset? Ask the right questions. Here are three questions that I asked my own team, and what I learned as a result.